Susan swam competitively for 13 years and thereafter competed in triathlons for 2-3 years. She took up “sculpting” classes at the gym as a means to gain strength, which in turn she thought would improve her triathlon competition times. It was during this time that the instructor/bodybuilder (Dianne Solomons) asked if she was getting ready for a “show”. Susan said no, and explained that she was a triathlete and that she “aint gonna walk on stage in less than my underwear!” Dianne then suggested she attend a local bodybuilding show to see what she thought.

It seems that Dianne knew Susan was ripe for bodybuilding, because after witnesses a local competition, Susan began training, got hooked on the bodybuilding lifestyle, and eventually did the unthinkable… she got on stage in less, much less, than her underwear! Her first competition was the 2001 Max Muscle Naturals, in which she won 1st Novice LW and 1st Open Lightweight.

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